Prenatal massage

Pregnancy is a moment in a woman’s life with constant changes in her body. These changes can cause many discomforts such as headaches, muscle tension, due to carrying extra weight, fatigue, cramps and swelling, just to mention a few. The massage sessions can help with reducing stress, relieving muscle and joint pains, reducing neck tension and headaches and help restore better sleep patterns. The prenatal massage is done only after the first 3 months of pregnancy with supportive cushions for your comfort.
Women with high risk pregnancies should consult their doctor before beginning massage therapy treatments. At any point in time you feel discomfort during the treatment, it is important to let your therapist know.


  60 min ......... 70$
  90 min ......... 95$
120 min ......... 120$

Add to your massage and save!

30 min of reflexologie for ..... +25$
Back or leg Exfoliation ....... +10$
Parafine Hand treatment ..... +15$

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