Cellulite massage (6 to 12 treatments of 60 minutes)

Have orange peel skin? The massage therapist uses mostly his or her decollage techniques to break-up fat caught within the fibrous connective tissue. Special products like essential oils and creams are used to increase circulation,accompanied by brushing the areas with a scorpion brush.

For best results, it is recommended to come every week,accompany the treatment with a detox cure, have a healthy diet and drink lots of water. Also, it is important to use the products at home and brush the areas twice a day as well as do a cardio work-out in order to sweat. On the 6th treatment, you will receive an algae wrap. If there is still more cellulite, another series of 6 treatments will be required.

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  45 min Sessions

1 session/ 60$

6 sessions/345$ ( Save 15$)

12 sessions/ 660$ ( Save 60$)

* The payment for 12 sessions can be done in 2 paiments. One on the first day and the other 15 days later.