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MassOterra is a place offering services in Massage Therapy, Kinesitherapy, Orthotherapy, Sports Massage, Lymphatic drainage massage, Reflexology, as well as many other specialized techniques and classes, all aimed at helping our clients to feel better.

We specialize in pathologies such as stress, anxiety, bursitis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, tendonitis, muscle tension, fibromyalgia and many other physical discomforts.

Our goal is to help you feel better and to attain this, we train our specialists to really listen to the clients’ needs in order to give them a unique treatment, specific to them. We also believe that, to really see results, the clients need to work at home with various stretching techniques, self-massage techniques, hot and cold therapy, as well as incorporate the use of different natural remedies. Our therapist can educate them on self-care in order to increase the results.

Clients can also attend various yoga classes so they can have the tools and encouragement to reduce stress, anxiety and muscles tension in order to give them the strength to get through life’s ups and downs.

This is a place to take care of YOU!

Our team

Brigitte Faubert, Orth.

Who I am|? More than 14 years ago, I  started my career as a massage therapist, kinesitherapist and orthotherapist. Wanting to help people feel better, I, since then took  classes in lymphatic drainage massage (Vodder) and reflexology. I really love to listen to people and make them attain a new level of comfort.  They are invited to express how they feel  while I think of ways to help them out. Go ahead! Put body and mind on a priority list. They deserve care and pampering!

I started my career wanting to help people feel better,I really love to listen to people and make them attain a new level of comfort. They are invited to express how they feel while I think of ways to help them
— Brigitte Faubert
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Catalina Ortiz

I am a massage therapist with a specialty in sports therapies. I also do Vodder lymphatic drainage and hot stone massages. I can issue receipts for massage therapy or naturotherapy.
For a good therapeutic treatment or a good relaxation, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to relieve your tensions.
You will find me on site at Massoterra.

“Take care of yourself!”